6 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy a House, Even Though I’m In the Real Estate Business

1. Unnecessary costs
Let’s look at all the added costs of owning a house, as opposed to renting…
- Closing costs
- Downpayment
- Maintenance
- Taxes
- Opportunity costs of all the time wasted
- Probably some other costs that I can’t think of at 3am

2. Wasted time
When you own a home, you end up wasting a ridiculous amount of time on…
- Maintenance
- Landscaping
- Home improvement

3. No options (You’re stuck living there)

4. It’s traditionally a bad investment (although right now would be the time to invest, if any)
- Lack of return on investment
- Not liquid
- You have to borrow a ton of money (high leverage)
- No diversification
- Higher risk of inflation on taxes
- I’d rather have cash on hand

5. It’s stressful

6. Psychology
What really is the motivation to own a home? Is it to help you feel better about yourself? Is it because your parents said you need to own a home? If you’re going to buy a home, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

20 Business Ideas That You Should Steal

1. Crowdsourcing Emergency Response through social media profiles and a proximity-sensing application (Open app and type what type of help you need or take a photo – blasts to everyone within that area as well as local emergency responders, and displays with your profile photo to assist responders).

2. Game for smartphones/tablets that teaches literacy.

3. Platform to seek out and sign up for apprenticeships.

4. Government social network for rapid legislation/decision making.

5. Develop algorithm that predicts market value of a given property, with a lesser margin for error than Zestimates.

6. Green packaging for all imports.

7. Automatic keyless door locks for homes.

8. App that predicts content’s virality.

9. Free ISP (ad-driven?).

10. Alternative to the paywall for content providers.

11. Virtualize the voting process.

12. P2P or platform for the exchange of 3D-printing specs/plans. 

13. Incentivize small businesses to hire one employee each (eliminate unemployment).

14. Nanosensor that measures nutritional intake and displays realtime results on a smartphone.

15. A bank with no fees. (simple.com?)

16. Iris scanners linked to payment processing systems.

17. Streaming elementary and high school classes to third world countries. (Khan?)

18. Standardize and universalize the real estate multiple listing service.

19. Real-time translator app that speaks.

20. Platform for charity and non-profit transparency. Use public data to rank non-profits and determine social/economic value of each.

Passion Sells

Seth Godin nails it in his recent blog post. It’s hard to know in advance what the market wants, and trying to guess can be costly. When you use your enthusiasm instead of cold calculation to launch something, you’re more likely to succeed.

Think Gary V, the (ex-)wine guy. Yes, he was knowledgeable about wines (as are a ton of other wine geeks), but it’s his passion that sold us. Add more passion to get more fans and convert more sales. There’s only one thing that is more contagious than passion – the lack of it.

How a 20 Year Old Stoner Gets 1M Hits a Month, With No SEO…

At a glance, ThatHigh is a site that should have never gotten any traction. The site is another FMyLife clone, and not particularly unique. It falls into an incredibly competitive and noisy ‘humor site for college kids’ niche. It’s aimed at a disloyal and forgetful audience. And, worst of all, it faced the chicken-and-egg problem that plagues most user generated content sites – it needs good content to attract users, but it needs users to generate the content.

So how did they get over 1 million uniques a month without SEO or PPC ads? I chatted with Alex, the founder, last night, and he let me in on some of his secrets.

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